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Leasing a Mosaic studio couldn’t be simpler. Choose your location, choose your studio size, personalize it any way you like, it’s up to you. With only one weeks rent up front required, you’re in business - and everything’s included!
Frequently Asked Questions
Of course! Your studio is your space! Personalize it however you’d like. Before you move in your studio will get a sparkling fresh coat of paint, then you bring in furniture, artwork and décor that reflects your personality.
However you choose! Most salon & spa professionals are using Square or PayPal for transaction processing but you are free to select any transaction processor you like.
YOUR HOURS ARE 100% UP YO YOU! Your studio is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Yikes, I know parking’s a real issue. Where will my Clients park? WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED! Most Mosaic locations have ample parking near by*.
Definitely! We encourage you to sublease your studio during days or hours when you are not working.
No! You choose what you want to do. Our spaces are beautiful - if you want to go minimal - go ahead! Knock yourself out!
BE CONFIDENT! If you’re visiting this page you’re probably here for any number of reasons. But one thing’s for certain, your business can make a home at Mosaic! Hear what existing Mosaic tenants are saying. We encourage entrepreneurship, professionalism, community, and we support, support, support!
Absolutely! You choose the products you believe in and you keep all the profit.
Yes! Our studios are well insulated so you can listen to the music you choose and your private conversations stay private.